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Flextory was at the PDS Tech Conference in Milwaukee, WI a few weeks ago to be a part of Epiphany Central.  The idea behind Epiphany Central was to let various young entrepreneurs have exibits at the PDS Tech Conference to talk about their start-up and all the stories behind their journey as a entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, while the giant smart screen was cool and all, they set up Epiphany Central in such a way that not many people even walked through it.  I saw only around 15 people even walk past my exhibit.  Either way, I had some good talks with the people who did walk by and it was overall a pretty fun trip.

Also, while not related to Flextory’s Exhibit, the keynote speaker was Aron Ralston, who had the movie 127 Hours based off his story.  While an interesting choice of speaker for a tech conference, he was an absolutely awesome speaker.  If you ever get a chance to hear him, I highly recommend it.  Finally, just to make things better, everyone at the conference got a free copy of 127 Hours.

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