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Flextory now allows you to attach files to any item.  All you have to do is go to an existing item, click “Attach Files”, and then select any file(s) you want to attach to the item.  Flextory will automatically generate a thumbnail gallery for any pictures you uploaded and list all other files in a table at the bottom of your item.  Possible uses for this include taking multiple pictures of all of your physical inventory, attaching employment documents to specific personnel, or even for “researching” adorable cat pictures.

In other news, there have been various tweaks to Flextory’s mobile interface.  If you browse to your inventory on your phone or tablet, things should look pretty good.  There is also now a “Scan Barcode” button that appears in the top menu on Android and Iphone devices.  You no longer need to use the dedicated mobile app to scan in items.  Instead you can now do it all from your mobile browser.  However, be sure to have Barcode Scanner installed, otherwise it will not work properly.

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