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Today we pushed out a few new features to Flextory.  The first one is the ability to define a Default Item Type for when you create new items.  This means that whenever you go to create a New Item, instead of being the Default item type at first, it can be whatever item type you want.  You can set this by going to Admin, then Settings, and then selecting an item type from the drop down by “Default item Type”.

The next feature is a new attribute data type.  The Multi-Line-Text data type allows an attribute to span multiple lines.  Also, the text field will automatically expand as you type.  You can define an attribute as a multi-line-text attribute by going to Admin, then Attribute Data Types, clicking Add Attribute Type Definition, and finally typing the attribute and selecting “Multi-Line-text”.  Also note that auto-suggest is disabled for any field that is a multi-line-text attribute.

We hope that these new features will make Flextory even more useful for your day-to-day data management needs.  Be sure to get in touch with Flextory support if you have any questions.


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