Flextory on Mobile Devices

To access the mobile version of your Flextory account, simply go to Flextory Account's URL ( from within your mobile device's web-browser. Flextory is optimized to look good on mobile devices.

Barcode Scanning (Android and IOS Only)

You can scan in barcodes of existing or new items from your Android or IOS device via Flextory. Simply use your mobile device's web browser to log onto your Flextory account. Then tap the menu expand icon at the top of your browser window. You will see a new menu option called “Scan Barcode”. After you tap that you'll be able to scan in a barcode. If the barcode is for an item already in your Flextory account, the item will be automatically pulled up. Otherwise, you'll be brought to the new item screen with the barcode field already populated.

Android/IOS Additional Software Requirements

In order to make use of Flextory's barcode scanning features, you have Barcode Scanner installed if you are on an Android device or Barcodes Scanner if you are on an IOS device.

If you use an alternative browser on your Android device, barcode scanning may not work. If this is the case, please use the default browser. If you find an alternative browser that does not work with barcode scanning, please get in touch with us at and let us know.

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