Personnel Management

Having a personnel management system is important for keeping track of all of your human resources. With Flextory, you can easily track all of your personnel, clients, outside contractors, and more. Flextory also lets you generate custom reports and makes it easy to update people's information. Finally, unlike other personnel management systems, Flextory is completely customizable, so no matter what kind of information you need to keep on your personnel or clients and how you need to organize them, Flextory can handle it.

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Easily Browse and Sort Through All Your Personnel

Flextory lets you organize your personnel into categories and sub-categories however you want. You could create categories to represent departments and sub-departments, keep track personnel by what room and floor they are on, or any other hierarchy your organization may have. Flextory then makes it easy to interactively limit what categories you are currently browsing.

Once you are browsing a particular category, you can then sort by any of your custom attributes, such as salary, date of employment, or anything else.

Browse Employees by Category

Generate Reports

Using Flextory's Advanced Search capabilities or while interactively browsing personnel, you can easily print or export selected personnel so you can share personalized reports with anyone you need to. You can also generate breakdown reports on any of your custom attributes. For example, you could generate a bar chart of everyone's salaries or generate a pie graph of the female to male ratio for your organization.
Generated Pie Graph of Gender of Personnel Generated Bar Chart of Salary of Personnel

Attach Files and Pictures to Your Personnel

Flextory also acts as a document management system by allowing you to attach any files or pictures to any of your employees. You can keep track of important documents related to specific employees and then easily bring up any those documents at a later date. In addition to that, you can attach a profile picture or include a gallery of pictures.
Attached Files and Images To Employee

Easily Pull Up Specific Employees With Quick Search

When the Advanced Search is too much, make use of the quick search to quickly pull up an employee by their name, id, or any other identifying information. If quick search only finds one match, you are automatically brought to the employee's info page; otherwise, you are given a list of potential matches.
Automatic Suggestions for Employee Search