IT Asset Management

Having an IT asset management solution for your business or organization is critical for saving time and solving problems. With Flextory, you can manage all of your desktops, servers, and mobile devices. Look below to see some examples of how Flextory can meet your network documentation/IT asset management needs.

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Keep Track of Your Entire Building's Inventory

Use categories to represent all the floors and rooms in your building. Categories and sub-categories can be created without limitation, so you could even create sub-categories for each building in your organization.
Categories by Floor Custom Categories and Sub-Categories for Your Assets

Custom Item Types and Links

Create as many item types as you want for all the different types of hardware in your building. On the right you'll see a sample Desktop entry. You can customize the Desktop attribute to have any attributes you want. You can also create new item types with any sets of attributes to represent servers, phones, printers, etc.

Take things a step further and link items together. You could create a faceplate item, which you can link a computer to. The faceplate can then be linked to a switch. This way you can know exactly how a particular computer is connected in your building.

Finally, you'll probably want to explorer your inventory. Make use of the item type filter (as seen below) to only show a particular item type or all of the item types.

Create a new Item Type Filter by Any Item Type
IT Asset Example
Generated Barcodes

Select Items, Add Them To Your Barcode Cart, and Then Print Them Out

You can highlight individual items by clicking anywhere that's not underlined and then add them to your Barcode Cart by clicking the Add to Cart Button. You can even use shift-click to highlight items in mass. On the Barcode Cart page you can generate a pdf with sheets of either Code 128 Barcodes or QR codes. Also, if you have your own barcode printer, export them at as a csv file and then import them into your barcode printer's software.
Select Assets in Mass Create Barcodes via Barcode Cart

Easily Checkout Equipment to Your Users

With the checkout module, you can loan out laptops, cameras, and any other equipment to people in your building. When a user needs to check out some equipment, you can easily see all of the available equipment and quickly notify the user whether something is available or not. Finally, a checkout history is kept for any item that has ever been checked out, so if something goes wrong, you can easily find out who may have been responsible for the issue.

Check out a Laptop Equipment Checkout History
Loaner Laptop Checkout

Warranty Tracking & Other Reminders

By using the reminders feature of Flextory, you can get an overview of machines that are reaching end of life or having their warranty expire. The reminders feature is completely customizable, so you can monitor any date attribute in your inventory. This means you can also easily set reminders for items, so if a particular machine needs to be looked at on a certain date, you'll never forget.
Add reminders for warranty track or any other type of tracking View a summary of all reminders

Use the API to Update Your DNS Server & More

With the Flextory API you can write your own scripts to have your DNS server get all its information right out of Flextory. The API also allows you to hook Flextory into any of your other existing services and applications.