Online Inventory Management

Keeping track of all of your organization's assets and other inventory allows you to easily track existing items, figure out what needs to be retired, perform audits, and much more. Flextory makes it easy to browse, sort, and search through all of your inventory right from your web-browser. Also, unlike other inventory systems, Flextory gives you complete control over how you want to represent and organize your inventory. So, whether you are keeping track of all the furniture in your building or even your theater's collection of puppets, Flextory can handle it.

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Custom Item Types

An item type allows you to describe something you want to put in your inventory with a set of attributes. So, for example, you could create a book item type and give it attributes for ISBN, Author, Pages, and so on. Flextory allows you to create as many item types as you want to represent virtually anything. When you go to create a new item, you'll be able to select what type of item it is and have the appropriate attributes automatically appear.
Inventory Anything By Using Custom Item Types Item Type Editor for Furniture Inventory
Generated Barcodes

Select Items, Add Them To Your Barcode Cart, and Then Print Them Out

You can highlight individual items by clicking anywhere that's not underlined and then add them to your Barcode Cart by clicking the Add to Cart Button. You can even use shift-click to highlight items in mass. On the Barcode Cart page you can generate a pdf with sheets of either Code 128 Barcodes or QR codes. Also, if you have your own barcode printer, export them at as a csv file and then import them into your barcode printer's software.
Select Items in Mass Use the Barcode Cart to Generate Barcodes for Your Inventory

Add an Image Gallery to Any Item

Flextory makes it easy to document not only data, but also images. Flextory lets you easily upload images in mass and then automatically generates a thumbnail gallery of images for any item in your inventory. You can even upload files and images at the same time, and Flextory will create a gallery for the images and a file list for the files.
Image Gallery for Item Full of Cats

Easy Collaboration of All Your Inventory From Any Computer

Flextory allows you to create multiple user accounts, who can all have different access privileges to your inventory. Further more, any of your users can access your inventory from almost any computer in the world, so your team can manage your inventory no matter where they may be.
User Collaboration of Inventory with Differnt Permissions for Each user