Easy Data Management

Go beyond spreadsheets while avoiding the complexity of databases. Manage your inventory, personnel, library of anything, research data, or really, just about anything.

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Access Anywhere

Flextory runs in your browser, so you can access your data from any computer anywhere in the world.


Have multiple users who can all manage and view your data at the same time.

Custom Item Types

Create custom item types with any amount of custom attributes to describe your data. You could have item types that describe people, items, toys, projects, animals, or anything else.


Organize your data into categories and sub-categories, then interactively browse items by category.


Use the Quick Search to quickly pull up item(s) or the Advanced Search to find complex sets of items.


Select items from browsing or searching to print or export them. You can also generate graphs to analyze a particular attribute.

File Attachments

Attach any files or images to your items. Images will be shown as a gallery when you view an item with attached images.

Field Auto-Completion

Suggestions based on your other data will appear as you type for any field in Flextory.

Sort By Any Attribute

You can sort by any custom attribute you use in your items.

Generate Barcodes

Generate barcodes for any of your items and either print sheets of barcodes or export them to your barcode printer.

Phone/Tablet Access

Flextory is optimized to look good on your phone or tablet. Also, you can scan in barcodes on your Android or IOS device to quickly add or view items.

Link Items Together

Link items to other items to create more complex relationships between your items.

Checkout Module

Easily check in and out items and equipment. Create and organize patrons to check out items to however you want.

Modular Features

Flextory lets you enable only the features you want. For example, if you don't need file attachments, simply disable it to no longer see the feature.

Need Something Else?

If there's something you need Flextory to do that it doesn't already, be sure to get in touch with us at features@flextory.com. We're more than happy to write custom features for your business for a minimal cost. Also, if it's a feature that could benefit many others, we'll do it for free on a time-permitting basis.