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Over the past week a couple new major features have been added to Flextory and are now active for everyone’s accounts.  The first new feature is Table Views.  With Table Views, you can now interactively select what you want to see while browsing your items and even drag and drop attributes to change the order of your columns.  With the table Views feature, also comes the ability to hide and re-arrange the default data (name, barcode, date added, date modified) and show item categories as columns.


In additionn to the Table Views feature, you’ll also notice a few subtle changes such as more information shown while doing searches, a “Save & Create Another Item” button so you can rapidly add items, and the ability to change the order of attributes in the Item Type Editor by dragging and dropping them.  The latest updates also include a few bug fixes and minor polish to the user interface.  We hope that you’ll enjoy these updates and we have several other new features that you’ll be seeing in the very new future.







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