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A few weeks ago Flextory silently pushed out a completely new user interface.  Feedback so far has been very positive and we’re pleased to announce that today we have released many fixes to the new user interface and have removed the notice saying that the new UI still needs a bit of clean-up.  We’d like to thank our beta testers yet again for helping us find all the little issues with the new UI as quickly as we did.

In addition to the UI update, a handful of minor bugs and usability fixes were pushed out today as well.  A couple examples are that you can now click the expand/collapse images instead of the category links and when you delete items it says how many items are about to be deleted.

In other news, we also updated the server today.  We’ll also soon be adding some new reporting features to Flextory along with flexible event tracking.

Our website will soon be updated with the new screenshots, but you can check out some of the screenshots below for a sneak peak or log in/create a new account today to check it out first hand!

  • inventory_item
  • inventory_item_with_picture
  • inventory_advanced_search
  • inventory_multiple_users
  • inventory_browse

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